Nobody can save YOU

Our fears.

The world seems to be changing. Today, anyone who does not conform to the norms and the majority is officially expelled and excluded under the guise of security and solidarity.

The results are obvious. Persistent states of anxiety and stress, spreading illnesses, chronic pain, inexplicable fatigue, addictions and obesity or meaninglessness (too) often result.

One should not fear death or pain, but rather that one will never begin to live.

How free are YOU?

Not all prisons have bars. There are many less obvious prisons that are difficult to escape from. Often because we don’t know what is holding us captive.

Above all, it is the prisons of our material society and automatisms that make the source of creativity and access to our potential impossible.

Independence, freedom and wealth arise from each and every one of us. From the inside out. And never from outside.

If money and wealth is your hope for independence, you will never get it.

And what is the option?

Don’t believe anything

And especially not me.

And nevertheless: I’m always asked what the option for my current life is. Having to work hard to pay the bills at the end of the month. To do what you want. To have more freedom such as more vacation, to stay healthy and to be satisfied.

Is it really the case that we are all just a mosaic piece in a giant gear that cannot do anything? That is at the mercy of his fate? At the mercy of what happens and is determined in our environment?

Is it really the case that everything we want to achieve is a question of monthly income? If yes why? And if not – what are the options?

My life has taught me and experienced that we ourselves are the ones who limit ourselves. That we ourselves are the ones who consider something to be conceivable or unimaginable. And above all, it showed me that I can influence 90% of what happens or doesn’t happen.

It shows me every day that no one can save me. Except myself. Nobody else can and is allowed to do that. And I will soon break down how that works for me.

Look forward to the new be-free platform 🙂

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